Windows 10 consumer preview said to include Cortana

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Rumours about a possible January release of Windows 10 consumer preview surfaced last week and now new image leaks hints at the possibility of release of Windows 10 consumer preview with Coratna built into the OS for increased ease of use and productivity.

Cortana for Windows 10 has already been rumoured since a long time and recent builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview have confirmed existence of Microsoft’s digital assistant, but a working version of Cortana on Windows 10 is yet to be seen.

Images leaked just recently [below] showcase a version of Windows 10 build with Cortana icon in the taskbar – a build which is only available to select few partners. Cortana’s presence in the taskbar means that users will be able to access the digital assistant with a single click – just as they can on Windows Phone 8.1 currently.

Windows 10 Consumer Preview Cortana

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879 has already confirmed existence of Cortana on PC, but it is non-functional and we believe that this could be the feature that will be launched with Windows 10 Consumer Preview.

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Further, there have been reports that Microsoft is keeping Cortana for PC cards close to its chest and is actually offering only a few employees to try it out currently. With a mid-2015 release pegged for Windows 10, we expect a fully functional consumer grade version of Cortana for PC to be released around the same time.

Cortana on PC is expected to pack similar features as one would find in Windows Phone 8.1 and possibly more, but lack of information from Microsoft leaves everything to speculations on what the digital assistant will bring to the plate when released.