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Google Chromecast price drops to £18 in the UK

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Google Chromecast, which was previously available for £30, has seen its price fall to just £18 – a huge bargain and along with this users can also claims NOW TV 3 month Entertainment Pass by availing a special offer.

Tesco is offering the dongle for £18, but you will need to walk into a store to get it for that price. Currys on the other hand is offering Chromecast for £20 through ‘online order and delivery’ and ‘order online and collect in-store’ options. You can get the streaming dongle for a penny less from Amazon.

Since its launch Chromecast has seen increased support for quite a few apps including Twitch, iHeartRadio, Disney Channel, as well as a few gaming apps.

Chromecast was being offered for just £18 back in August when retailers across the UK reduced the pricing of the streaming dongle, but that was a temporary price reduction with the prices bumped back to the normal retail price.

We are not sure till when will the current deal last and so we recommend our readers to grab it. Chances are that the price will reduce again in time for the holiday season, but we don’t anticipate a huge reduction from the current £20 price tag.

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