Every sixth person on the planet has been a cyber-attack victim, new report claims

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Every sixth person in the world has fallen victim to a cyber-attack, a new research states.

According to a research study conducted by global information services firm Experian, one in six users across the globe have sometime or the other fallen for a phishing scam, had their personal data taken to use offline or had an account hijacked.

Of those who had fallen victim to a cyber-attack, the majority (83 per cent) had faced an attack while using a laptop or PC, more than a fifth (21 per cent) suffered a smartphone attack, while one in six (17 per cent) admitted to have suffered a cyber-attack when on a tablet.

The report also found that nearly 60 per cent of smartphone users and 48 percent of iPad owners have admitted to having no ‘malware’ protection at a time when nearly most of them are using mobile phones for internet banking and online shopping. Malware is kind of suspicious software designed to damage or disrupt a system.

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The report noted that smartphone and tablet owners are not aware of the fact that their expensive devices could be easily targeted by mobile malware anytime.

“This year has proved a tipping point for smartphones and tablets,” said lead researcher Ori Eisen from Experian.

“The rapid rise in demand for online banking and retail combined with very little security on devices has created a massive opportunity for cyber criminals leaving many people and businesses extremely vulnerable,” said Eisen.

The report suggests that in order to stay safe from malware attacks, anyone going online should be careful when using public share points, should look for the padlock symbol and must never ever reveal their personal information on any unrecognised website.