Skype lands on Microsoft Office Online apps

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Microsoft has announced it has added Skype chat feature to Office Online web apps – Word and PowerPoint.

This means that Office online users will now be able to collaborate with other users in real-time in either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. The new feature will be rolled out only to Word Online and PowerPoint Online, which means Excel as well as OneNote are not on the fortune list, at least for the time being.

“The Office Online real-time co-authoring feature makes it easy for you to work together with others on a document from your browser,” the Redmond noted.

“Whether you are putting the final touches on a contract with your business partner or collaborating on an essay for a school project, Office Online lets you work seamlessly with others no matter where they are.”

Once the Office Online update gets rolled out, users will be able to communicate or chat with their colleagues and everyone working on the document by simply clicking on the “Chat” button in the upper-right corner. Conversations will get displayed in a typical sidebar window, making it easier for co-workers to discuss edits.

Furthermore, users will be able to continue their chat with those same people even after leaving the document via Skype on their desktop or phone.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new chat pane will be made available to Office Online customers within the coming few weeks.

Skype has been getting increased attention from Microsoft recently with announcement of Skype beta for Web, Rebranding of Lync to Skype for Business, and Skype Translator features.