Microsoft back with another Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Air ad

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It seems like Microsoft is back to using its old Apple-bashing trick for this holiday season, with the latest Christmas-themed ad, pitting the Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air.

Just like every other ad in the Surface-versus-MacBook Air campaign, the new ‘Winter Wonderland’ advert highlights the features of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 by comparing it to Apple’s famous MacBook Air.

The latest ad begins with a MacBook Air owner claiming his Mac to be “great” and “so delightful,” as the Surface supporters claim the Surface to be ‘just as powerful’ in chorus.

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The 30-second advert has the Surface supporters sing about the touch screen, the pen and the detachable keyboard features of the Surface Pro 3, with the MacBook owner asking questions like “You can write with a pen?” and “Is that a kickstand?”

In the end, the MacBook Air owner says “I think I like your Surface Pro 3. No, seriously, where can I get one?” accompanied by the tagline “The tablet that can replace your laptop” on-screen.

All the ads in the series, position Surface Pro 3 as a better buy offering a wide array of functionality compared to Apple’s MacBook Air. However, it’s not just the Surface against the MacBook Air, as earlier this month Microsoft launched an ad named “Let’s Dance” comparing Lenovo’s Yoga Pro 3 convertible laptop with MacBook Air.

The Surface Pro 3, since its launch, has reportedly garnered strong reviews, compared to its predecessors. In the previous quarter, sales of the Microsoft’s tablet line, has more than doubled both sequentially and year-over-year.

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The company has attributed this surge in demand of Surface tablets to the “strong interest from students, professionals, and increasingly enterprises for Surface Pro 3.”