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Tesco brings BT Wi-Fi to over 900 UK & Ireland supermarkets

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UK telecom giant BT has teamed up with Tesco to bring free superfast Wi-Fi service to 806 Tesco Extra and Superstores across the UK and 113 stores in Ireland.

Tesco customers will be able to access in-store Wi-Fi by selecting ‘Tesco Wi-Fi’ or ‘BT’ (in some stores ‘BT Openzone’) on their smartphones or tablets.

As part of the deal, BT’s superfast Wi-Fi service will also boost Tesco stores’ bandwidth up to 76Mb, for even better online shopping experience for its customers.

Group Technology Director at Tesco, Tomas Kadlec, highlighting that Tesco is the “first supermarket in the UK” to roll out free Wi-Fi service for customers as well as the “first to launch online shopping” said that customers are looking for “the same kind of experience in-store as they enjoy online,” to access information about the product, comparison of prices and offers easily.

Luis Alvarez, CEO of BT Global Services, noting that connectivity has become the most important part of the customer experience, said that the BT Wi-Fi partnership with the supermarket giant will provide the customers with fastest connectivity to make it possible for Tesco to deliver exactly the same customer experience they expect.

Tesco customers will be able to get product information, download Clubcard vouchers, to check out latest in-store offers more conveniently and quickly using the new BT Wi-Fi service. According to a research by BT last year, 44 percent of customers browse and compare prices of items using Wi-Fi in shops before purchasing, while 34 percent people download vouchers and discount coupons.

The supermarket giant has already partnered with BT for the Tesco Customer Service Centre for the UK customers, which uses BT Cloud Contact. The service centre serves customers reportedly handles 90 million minutes of calls each year, including Clubcard and online shopping enquiries.