Rockstar releases patch to resolve GTA V character transfer issues on PlayStation 4

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Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 yesterday bringing with it its own set of problems and one that affected every GTA V player on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 who hadn’t played the GTA Online since 2013 is the transfer issue.

Soon after users loaded their copy of GTA V on PS4, Xbox One they started reporting that they were unable to transfer their characters from PS3, Xbox 360 to current-gen consoles. The issue was affecting all those users who hadn’t played GTA Online since 2013.

Rockstar revealed in an update that it had figured out what the issue was and rolled out an update for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users first. Initial bottleneck of lack of adequate servers at Sony’s end and region wise rollout ended up leaving users frustrated with many of them getting “CE-32937-4” error.

Rockstar, in a later update, said that Sony had increased the number of servers to cater to huge number of patch download requests from PS4 and PS3 users. Those who were still facing issues should close GTA V completely and try to install the patch again.

In its final update a few hours earlier, Rockstar revealed that all PlayStation users should have complete access to the patch globally.

“All character migrations are now working on PlayStation 4, and affected PlayStation 3 users can play GTA Online as normal”, said Rockstar.

The issue still remains to be addressed on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and users should expect a similar patch by end of today.