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Microsoft proposes use of ‘white space’ TV spectrum in India for free Internet

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Microsoft has revealed its intention of providing free Internet in India through the use of ‘white space’ TV spectrum and to connect most rural areas of the country using the unused spectrum.

Microsoft intends to use the 200MHz to 300MHz band in the white space – currently not in use and being owned by a government owned TV channel. Unlike Wi-Fi connectivity, which has a range of about 100 metres, white space TV spectrum has a range of up to 10 km – an ideal means for providing internet connectivity to the vast rural population of India.

Using the white space spectrum Microsoft intends to jump over the hurdle of lack of infrastructure in the country and bring Internet connectivity to the India masses.

With Google and Facebook already showing keen interest in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign, it was only a matter of when and not if Microsoft will announce their support and an initiative that will work towards catering the goals of the campaign.

Microsoft has already rolled out similar white space connectivity in UK and South Africa and with just 20 per cent of Indian population connected to the Internet there is a lot of potential for internet service providers, mobile operators and manufacturers of related equipment to expand their horizons.

Microsoft India’s Bhaskar Pramanik said to a national newspaper that they have already applied for necessary clearances with respect to a pilot project covering two districts.

Initiatives like these will not only enable multinationals to strengthen their base in India, they will also be able to lend a hand in the growth of the largest democracy in the world.