Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8, 7 without losing data – it’s possible

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Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released for a while now, and with the final release expected in mid-2015, there will obviously be questions as to how would one upgrade from a previous Windows version to Windows 10. The answer is pretty simple and there is a way to go about upgrading your system without losing any data as well.

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Microsoft will definitely change a lot of things around in Windows 10 before its final release, but it won’t be wrong to assume that utilities and features available in Windows 10 TP won’t be removed. One such feature is in-place upgrade feature using which users can upgrade to Windows 10 directly.

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The in-place upgrade feature currently supports upgrades from as far back as Windows 7 meaning that operating system’s settings, personal files and most applications and software can be seamlessly migrated to the new operating system without any risk of losing them.

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If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you are out of look for the moment as Windows 10 currently doesn’t support a direct upgrade. We are not sure if Microsoft will incorporate a direct upgrade path from these versions of the OS.