Microsoft employee, leak hint at new Windows 10 Technical Preview builds

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A Microsoft employee has inadvertently dropped a hint that the company is internally testing a new Windows 10 build not available to general public. Separate reports have claimed that the upcoming update to Windows 10 will bring with it options that will allow users to disable the Task view and the Search tools integrated into the taskbar.

Microsoft has been clear right from the beginning that it will continue to improve Windows 10 and will provide updates to its technical preview users and so far the company has kept its promise. Build 9860 is the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview available generally, but a post in community forums from none other than a Microsoft employee has hinted at the possibility of a new build releasing soon.

Build 9868

Microsoft Community user Don. Frazier, who happens to be a Microsoft employee as well, posted a question on Community forums seeking help as to why wasn’t he able to update his Windows 10 Technical Preview installation. He stated that he was running build number 9868.

“For Enterprise rolled back to 9868, briefly saw a higher version but don’t recall what it was.” he wrote in the question.

In response to this question, a community moderator said that because Frazier was actually a Microsoft employee, he was running a build that is generally not available. The moderator didn’t reveal anything further in the reply.

“You are running a preview build the general public does not have access to. The only build we can use right now is build 9860. You are running build 9868 which I assume you have access to because you are a Microsoft employee,” the moderator wrote.

Windows 10 Build 9879

Details of new features leaked – Build 9879

Just about the same time a new screenshot was leaked on the web by Chinese website IThome revealing that Microsoft was planning to roll out an update wherein it will be providing option to disable the Task view and the Search tools [image above] integrated into the taskbar in a bid to make the Windows 10 desktop experience akin to that of Windows 7.

According to the leak Build 9879 is being tested and if we go by the numbering convention, it seems to be the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview being tested by Microsoft internally.

We are not sure if either of the builds listed here will make it out as an update and we recommend our users to take it with a grain of salt as always.