Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will be mostly videos in five years

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Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took it to the stage to address users’ questions and queries in the company’s first-ever open Q&A session held on Thursday.

Addressing the gathering at the community town hall meeting in California, Zuckerberg, when asked if the increasing number of photos uploaded on Facebook was negatively affecting its infrastructure, said all of it is covered by the social giant’s data centers.

He said the real challenge was to improve Facebook’s infrastructure to allow more videos on people’s feeds. Zuckerberg said he foresees the social networking giant will mostly be made of videos in the coming five years time.

The CEO spent more than about an hour answering questions which came from group of users who attended the event as well as questions which were pre-submitted via Facebook from all around the globe.

When asked about why Facebook is forcing users to download its Messenger app for mobile, the 30 year old billionaire said although everyone was not quite thrilled with the change, Facebook thought Messenger would provide a better, faster messaging experience if it split it off from its own app.

“Asking everyone in our community to install another app is a big ask. But Facebook thought it could provide a better, faster messaging product if it split off from its own app.

“We really believe this is a better experience,” Zuckerberg told the audience.

Another major question posted to the Facebook Founder was if the social networking site was gradually losing its charm. Zuckerberg responded saying that “my goal was never to make Facebook cool,” instead he designed it with an aim of helping people and serving users’ needs.

When asked why Mark always prefers to dress up casually in same t-shirts and hoodies, he replied with a laugh saying that he has much important matters to focus on rather than taking care of unimportant issues like the costume he wears.

“Steve Jobs had the same approach,” Zuckerberg said.