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Pre-order Far Cry 4 limited edition for just £35

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Far Cry 4 is one of the most anticipated titles this month and with the title launching on November 18, retailers are offering discounts already.

Consider Tesco for example. Far Cry 4 Limited Edition, which carries a price tag of £40, is being offered for £35 on pre-order (£5 discount) if you use the discount code ‘TDX-PYXM’ at checkout. This is by far the cheapest deal we have seen for Far Cry 4, which went Gold recently.

The game will be available bundled with PS4 when it launches in Europe. Two bundles will be available – one for each of the console’s colours – and both bundles will include a special edition copy of the game boxed alongside a new, 500GB PlayStation and a DualShock 4 controller. The two bundles will differ only in terms of the console and controller color schemes.

Ubisoft and Sony are also going to offer exclusive multiplayer sharing feature for PlayStation fans. As part of the new feature, PS3 and PS4 Far Cry 4 players who have a PlayStation Plus subscription ($50/year) will be offered ten invitations that they can send to PlayStation Network friends to play a free trial of the game’s online co-op mode.

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