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Google supports Bitcoin; installs BTM on its London campus

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Google has showed huge support for Bitcoin by installing a Bitcoin Telling Machine (BTM) at its London campus. The BTM will allow Google employees as well as visitors of the campus to purchase food and drinks with Bitcoin.

Installation of BTM follows Google’s partnership with digital wallet provider Coinbase for creation of virtual currency price tracker and according to the search engine giant the BTM will encourage more innovation and experimentation which will result into “transformative British companies.”

The BTM is a result of collaboration between Google, Callsign – a service that allows users to verify accounts via smartphone when using the machine, and Wyre – the developer of a mobile app that allows users to spend their Bitcoin.

“We are excited to see how consumers will interact with the first Callsign-enabled BTM in the UK,” said Zia Hayat, CEO and founder of Callsign.

Google’s London Campus is the fifth location in the city where users can purchase Bitcoins with cash or credit card.

There were reports earlier that Google’s payment team was looking to integrate Bitcoin with their system, but the reports were soon refuted by Google stating that while they constantly look to evolve their products, there is no change in their stance as far as Bitcoin is concerned.

Despite the questions surrounding security and stability of Bitcoins, it’s encouraging to see that a company like Google is embracing Bitcoin at this level – an indication that future of the virtual currency may be bright.