Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi issue: Microsoft releases patch

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Microsoft has rolled out a new firmware update for Surface Pro 3 tablets that intends to patch the Wi-Fi bugs and improve connectivity on top of other things.

When you check for updates, you should see a System Firmware Update dated 10/28/2014. This particular patch not only includes stability and performance enhancements for the tablet, but also packs Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update version 15.68.3059.117, which Microsoft claims will address limited wireless connectivity scenarios for the majority of tablets.

We can’t tell for sure if the latest firmware update will completely fix the limited Wi-Fi issues, but Microsoft has said that all Surface Pro 3 owners are recommended to install it as soon as possible.

This new pack of improvements for the Surface Pro 3 comes two weeks after Patch Tuesday, the day when Microsoft releases security patches for its software, as well as new firmware versions for hardware devices, such as tablets.

This could be an indication that Microsoft has only recently completed development of all these improvements and wanted to make them available to users as soon as possible, without the need to wait until the next month’s Patch Tuesday.

The last Tuesday of the month, however, slowly becomes the day when Microsoft rolls out non-security updates for its products, so improvements for its tablets could be released twice a month.