Five things you ought to know about Android L

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Google has officially unveiled Android L ‘Lollipop’ keeping with its tradition of naming Android versions after sweets. Vendors have already started revealing timeframes about when and which of their models will be updated with Android L. If you have recently bought a new smartphone from one of the top Android vendors out there, you will most probably be able to upgrade your handset to Android L.

Here we present to you top 5 things you need to known about Android L.

Material Design

This is a term given by Google to its new intuitive design that we see in Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is an effort made by the firm to bring out the best of this OS using touch, voice and even gesture commands.

After the roll out of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, this is the biggest facelift that the mobile OS has received. The user interface that you’ll soon see on Lollipop is redesigned to a great extent. There are real time shadows, 3D layers, animations, and a lot more to make this new Android experience of yours totally different. And the inspiration behind this new design scheme is ‘pen and paper’.

A Better Notification System

So far we have seen drop down notification system in Android devices but the new Android Lollipop brings in a lot more options and features. The Lock screen notifications have been enhanced with more information and an option to tap and open it or just swipe it off has been added.

Other than that there is a priority mode which can be activated during your work hours or when you do not wish to be disturbed. This mode lets pass important notifications and the user can answer them with a locked screen only. The best feature that will excite you is that an incoming call won’t get in your way anymore. A user can choose to carry on with their videos, games, etc during an incoming call or simply just pick the call.


Google has been working around the Android security model very aggressively and this brings to us a Smart Lock. This feature spares you from pressing in your passwords or tracing those secret patters.

The all new Android smart lock protects your devices by pairing them to another trusted device like a wearable or any another product having connectivity options. Whenever your smartphone or tablets gets paired up with these devices, it’ll unlock automatically, sensing that it is you who is using the phone.

Another feature we hear of is a support to ‘Kill Switch’ which means that even if your phone goes in wrong hands the device will be made unusable through “Factory Reset Protection.” It’ll however ask for a password failing which the device will become lifeless.

Easy Sharing

Handing down our smartphone to someone leaves most of us with quick heart beats and a fear of privacy. To our delight Android 5.0 Lollipop has brought a feature for that too. Now sharing will be more flexible with your family and friends.

A Guest Mode has been added to this new Android version which will allow its users to hand on their device to others but the stuff inside it will remain private. You have an option to pin your screen which means that another user will only be able to access the pinned apps or content and nothing else.

And what makes the sheer task of sharing even better is that a person can connect to anyone using a different Android device in case he forgets his phone. By logging in to a different Android phone you can access messages, contacts, pictures and much more.

Battery Improvements

Battery issues and Android have gone hand in hand and to cater this problem, Android has introduced a new battery saver feature which expands your phone’s battery by 90 minutes when you need it the most.

The device that’ll get Android 5.0 Lollipop will also show the estimated charging time once you plug in the charger and benefit you from its battery saving modes. And once your device is charged, users can keep a tap on how much juice is left in their devices and for how long will it run.

There are other generic innovations and upgrades that bring out the best of your battery.