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20% Brits ready to pay more for a house with good broadband connection, new research claims

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One in five Brits are ready to pay more for a house offering a fast broadband connection, new research claims.

According to the new survey conducted by Halifax, around 20 per cent of people in the UK are ready to shell out more cash for a home with high-speed web connections. 21 per cent of men as compared to 16 per cent of women admitted good broadband would tempt them to pay more for a property.

The study found that 18 per cent of the UK residents had already considered internet speed as a factor when moving home in the past, while almost 23 per cent would now go for negotiating a lower rent or sale price for a property with a poor broadband connection.

The survey conducted among 2000 UK adults found that 26 per cent of the South East residents were ready to pay more for a house with a faster Internet connection, whereas those residing in the East Midlands area were most likely to haggle down property prices if the internet speed was too slow.

Halifax spokesman Craig McKinlay said “Alongside outside space, private parking, and good transport links, a strong broadband signal is fast becoming a very significant feature of looking for a new home.”

“As superfast broadband is now the norm at work and on our mobile phones, there is a growing expectation that we should be able to enjoy a good broadband connection at home too,” McKinlay added.