Snapchat’s first in-app ad is from Hollywood – Ouija’s trailer

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Snapchat has started showing its first ad within its app and the first advertiser is Universal for their upcoming horror flick Ouija. The 20-sec trailer shows up in users’ ‘Recent Updates’ and is non-intrusive as promised by the company.

Just before the weekend Snapchat had said in a blog post that it intended to roll out advertisements in its app because they “need to make money”.

“Advertising allows us to support our service while delivering neat content to Snapchatters. We promise that we’ll use the money we make to continue to surprise the Snapchat community with more terrific products – that’s what we love to do!” Snapchat had said at the time.

As far as the ad is concerned, it will be displayed in the form of a pop up and users have the discretion of either watching or skipping it. If a user watches the ad, it disappears soon after it has been viewed, but if a user decides not to view it, the ad will disappear within 24 hours.

The ad is definitely not creepy in its intrusive sense, but if we go by the literal and traditional sense, it is definitely creepy.