Microsoft Cortana gets smarter with concert recommendations, flights and app suggestions, more

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Microsoft is adding more smartness to Cortana in its upcoming update for its digital assistant by bringing in concert recommendations, flights and app suggestions, evening updates and more.

Cortana is already known and quite helpful for its daily dose of updates in the morning when it feeds its users with useful information such as weather, calendar schedules, and news headlines among other things that one may want to see as soon as they wake up in the morning to get ready for the day.

Microsoft is extending the same functionality through to evening which will get users ready for their next day by showing them calendar items, travel time to home among other things.

The latest update will also bring concert recommendations. Cortana will keep an eye on the search queries you make on your Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices, or Bing.com, and will detect queries related to music and artists. Using this information Cortana will provide users with recommendations for concerts that are going to happen within 100 miles (160 km) of your home.

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Users need to update their home address to get the correct information about concerts and though the feature will be available to everyone, it has to be manually updated by going in the notebook, tapping on “Music” and then on “Concert Watch.”

Next up is the flights recommendation. Using the same concept of keeping an eye on the searches users make and providing information on all of them. However, this feature is going to be available in the US only for now.

Apps recommendation is another thing that users in the UK and US will be benefited from. Microsoft has claimed that the suggestions won’t be intrusive because if a user doesn’t respond to any of them the first time they are shown, Cortana will automatically turns them off.

The update for Cortana is expected to hit within the course of next few days, so keep an eye out!