Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lands in the UK; carries £650 SIM free price-tag

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After a week-long delay Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is finally available in the UK as announced earlier, but the smartphone carries an eye-watering £650 SIM free price-tag.

The Note 4 is available through major retailers in the UK including Carphone Warehouse and EE on a number of different tariffs with £43.50 per month being the cheapest from the former. The contract binds you with Vodafone and gives you unlimited minutes and texts and 4GB of data.

EE is also taking orders and under its “recommended tariff”, which will cost you £59.99 upfront on a 24-month £45.99 per month tariff, you get 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data.

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Three is also offering the Note 4, but it won’t start shipping the smartphone until next week. However, the operator is providing the cheapest tariffs if you are willing to £99 upfront. There are three different monthly contract – £38, £41 or £44 per month with all three offering 4G at no extra cost and the latter two giving you unlimited monthly data.

Both O2 and Vodafone have confirmed that they will be selling the Note 4 directly, but are yet to house the handset, but we expect it to be available from them soon.