Tweets from unknowns in your timeline? You’re not alone!

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Twitter has decided to make sure that you get to read tweets from unknowns on the micro-blogging land based on your interest or activities by posting tweets on users’ timelines from those they don’t follow because it believes that ‘you’d enjoy’ them.

“In many cases, the best Tweets come from people you already know, or know of,” Twitter said. “But, there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy.”

Twitter has however added that the latest plan is still in experimental stages and that chances are it might not make it to 100 per cent of the users on the site.

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The San-Francisco based company said that during its initial testing it found that users actually enjoyed seeing tweets those they don’t follow, provided the tweets were worthwhile based on few “signals” including popularity, level of interaction, and how much interest is shown by account’s one does follow.

According to Twitter when it identifies that a certain tweet or content that may be relevant to a uses based on their interest or activity, it may add it to users’ timelines. “We believe that each successful experiment, big or small, can make your Twitter experience simpler and more relevant to you”, Twitter reasons.

The feature resembles Facebook’s Top Stories feature that shows messages the social network thinks are important and noteworthy.

Twitter has also launched a new audio feature dubbed ‘audio card’ in collaboration with SoundCloud that brings streaming music to the micro-blogging service letting users discover and listen to music.