Ballmer: Microsoft working on ‘touch-first’ version of Office for iPad

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Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has confirmed that Microsoft is currently busy working on an iPad version of its Office productivity suite and that is should be ready for release soon after the public launch of Windows 8.1

While speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo on Tuesday, Ballmer said that Microsoft was in the middle of developing a ‘touch-first’ version of Office for iPad. Microsoft released an Office for iPhone in June followed by an Android version in July without releasing an iPad version noting at the time that tablets users can use Office Web Apps through a browser.

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However, we are not sure if Microsoft will require iPad users to have an Office 365 subscription like its iPhone counterpart. Microsoft already showcased its touch-centric Metro styled Office at its Build conference, but didn’t provide any timeframe for its release.

Ballmer did the same thing at the ITxpo stating that it was a work “in progress”, and refrained from providing any sort of further information or timeline.