Apple Pay update: leaked document hints at October 18 launch

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Leaked internal documents from Walgreens US indicate that Apple Pay may be finally launched on Saturday, October 18. The leaked documents are believed to be part of a training program for the employees of the company.

Earlier during the week some clue was available from Vikram Parekh, USAA assistant vice president who had revealed at the time that banks will be supporting from November 7, meaning that it could potentially be the day for launch. Apple had however promised earlier that the designated launch time is sometime in October this year.

Reports say that the decision to launch the service on Saturday is a little odd considering that it is a weekend day, but others say it still makes sense because Apple Pay is particularly suited for in-store payment. Some say that the date may be perfect because it gives users the right opportunity to try it out.

Yet another reason being attributed to the launch date is the belief that the launch due for iPad falls on 16 October which might again help bring in more business on the payment system.

Some major businesses that are likely to partner with Apple include McDonald’s, Macy’s, and Staples among others.

[Source: Mac Rumors]