Android wear smartwatches get “analog keyboard” courtesy Microsoft

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Microsoft has launched a prototype version of its analog custom keyboard for Android Wear smartwatches just a month after releaseing an OneNote app for the wearable gadget platform.

The main feature about Microsoft’s “analog keyboard” is that it allows users to input text using finger on the smartwatch screen.

Google hasn’t released a keyboard for Android Wear considering the small screen and voice based input is still the better option; however, Microsoft’s step to launch a keyboard that provides for touch-gesture based input may help it carve out a niche in the segment.

Microsoft has revealed that the analog keyboard will work with small square screens with 320 x 320 resolution as well as Moto 360. Using touch-based gestures, users will be able to draw letters, numbers and even special characters.

Microsoft has stressed that the keyboard is still a research prototype and not a polish product. The company has released the app to “gather feedback from real-world users and scenarios”. Further the company has added that the analog keyboard has several technical limitations.

Those who are in possession of an Android Wear-powered smartwatch and are interested in testing Microsoft’s prototype keyboard can download it from here.