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EE rolls out TV service

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EE, one of UK’s leading mobile operators, has announced its own TV service on Wednesday to take on rivals BT and TalkTalk in already a crowded but growing home entertainment segment.

As a part of the launch, EE announced a set-top with 1TB storage offering users more than 70 Freeview channels, DVRs as well as catch-up facilities. The service will also enable users to enjoy “on demand” content from various media groups.

Services including BBC iPlayer, Wauki, The Box+ are some of the services that users will be able to enjoy.

EE TV will be up for grabs starting this autumn and those with an existing home broadband or fibre plan from EE will be able to have it for free.

If you have an existing pay-per-month mobile plan from EE, you will be able to add the TV service for £9.95, and to accommodate the heavy streaming that you will be doing under the EE TV, the mobile operator is bumping up the size of data plans as well.

Using EE TV you will be able to watch separate content on up to four different devices simultaneously, so long as they’re on the same Wi-Fi network and on top of that, using the EE TV app, you will be able to transfer a programme or film from your mobile device to the box allowing you to watch a show on the big screen.