iOS 8 installs stall after reaching 47% iDevices

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Adoption rate of Apple’s latest operating system dubbed iOS 8 isn’t growing as expected, Apple’s latest figures on iOS 8 installations reveal.

According to the latest App Store Distribution page figures, fewer than half of all compatible iPhones and iPads are currently running the Cupertino’s latest mobile operating system, which was rolled out in mid-September.

As per figures, iOS 8 operating system is currently running on 47 per cent of devices, with nearly the same number tied with its predecessor, iOS 7, and earlier versions of iOS crawling now at 6 percent.

The last time the iPad maker had reported iOS 8 usage figures was around two weeks ago, when the OS witnessed rapid adoption rate of 46 per cent in just within few days of its launch. Interestingly, iOS 8 usage has grown just 1 percentage point in three weeks.

It seems the main reason which is holding back iPhone users from upgrading to the latest iOS 8 version is the slew of issues affecting Apple’s HealthKit platform. Although the Cupertino was quick to fix the issue with release of iOS 8.0.1 update. However, the same after installing hampered the cellular service and Touch ID functionality on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

The company took another two days to issue iOS 8.0.2, which claimed to fix all outstanding issues introduced with iOS 8.0.1 including HealthKit, cellular and Touch ID problems.

Another probable reason for the slow adoption could be the fact that iOS 8 requires a massive storage space of
around 6GB to be installed, thereby forcing users to delete content from their devices.