Microsoft Bing now lets users access full lyrics of songs

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Microsoft has just added a new feature to its search engine Bing enabling users to see full lyrics of their favourite songs on the search results page.

Previously, any query regarding a song’s lyrics made on Bing.com – and on every other search engine were answered with results to third party website links. But now Bing’s new lyric search tool will allow music lovers to access all the lyrics of a particular song without having to click through to another site.

In addition to the lyrics, the new lyrics search tool from Bing will also showcase the artist and album information about the song.

“Bing has launched a new Lyrics experience that enables you to view full lyrics for your favorite song on the mainline search results page, without having to click through to a third party site or spend time figuring out which blue link on the page will yield good quality lyrics”, the Bing team noted.

“You can also view the artist, album and other song related information on the snapshot alongside the main search results. We’re starting out with over half a million songs, and we expect that list to grow in the coming weeks. So the next time you want to sing along let Bing be your guide,” the team further explained.

Although Bing hasn’t explicitly mentioned it, it has entered into a partnership with LyricFind for fetching the lyrics of the songs. The same feature has been available in the US quite some time for now.

[Source: Bing]