Microsoft names its next version of OS – Windows 10

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Microsoft has taken the wraps off its next version of operating system dubbed Windows 10, skipping the sequence Windows 9 reportedly because the company felt it “wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9.”

Microsoft Head of Operating Systems Terry Myerson introduced Windows 10 at a launch event at San Francisco. He said that naming it Windows One would be more appropriate but the name was already given to the previous version, though he stopped short of explaining why the company skipped Windows 9.

He also said that Windows 10 will be available for consumers in mid- 2015 with universal apps that will work on all devices and the OS will itself work on all devices with the same experience.

The next version of the OS, Windows 10 will include Continuum, a new system that will configure the OS automatically to suit the device it is installed on. It will make the OS suitable for touch-enabled devices by giving the Start Screen for tablet users while desktop users will get a standard version of the OS. However, the traditional desktop would not be present in Windows 10 for phones.

As rumoured earlier, the Start menu is customizable with pinned apps, live tiles, shutdown options, etc. Users can choose apps from the universal apps category to pin them to the Start menu. All the apps downloaded from the Windows Store would have resizing and closing options as seen on the classic apps.

Users can dock up to 4 apps in a window using the Snap Assist to multitask while the task-view button helps the users switch between different tasks. Another rumoured feature that has made its way into the OS is the multiple desktop option letting users maintain multiple desktops for different uses. Although it was said that the Charm bar for the touch devices will be retained, it will be evolved.

Myerson encouraged developers and users to enrol themselves into the Windows Insider Program to install the OS on their devices and provide feedback to the company. He also said that the company will give more information for consumers early next year and more will be said during Build 2015 and the OS will be rolled out in the middle of 2015.