Oracle to open 2 new data centres in Frankfurt & Munich

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Oracle on Monday announced that it is all set to open 2 new data centres in Frankfurt and Munich in Germany, likely in the wake of the revelations about the NSA spying programme, by Edward Snowden.

Announcing the news about the data centres, Oracle Vice executive vice president, Loic le Guisquet said that the new data centres will provide service to the businesses that prefer to have the data centre in their country rather than overseas. He said that “questions around security” is one reason why the company chose to open data centres in Germany, while stressing that there is a strong demand for such services in Germany.

However, he did not mention if the data centres will be governed only by European data privacy laws or if they will be subjected to monitoring by international government organizations.

UK and the Netherlands are the only two European countries which had their own data centres until this announcement. The data centres are expected to start operations in a few weeks or by late 2014.

Le Guisquet also said that the company will partner with Vodafone to focus on Internet of Things and digitization projects.
Senior Vice President of Oracle for UK, Ireland and Israel, Dermot O’Kelly said that the partnership with Vodafone is still in the early stage. He also said that it could be an effective venture as Vodafone will be able to help the company with the data required to design the marketing strategies required for the areas while Oracle can focus on the services.