Telegram under 150Gbps DDoS attack

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Cross platform messaging app Telegram has been a target of massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks for two days in a row over the weekend with the largest in tune of 150Gbps.

The DDoS attacks started on Saturday – September 27 – and according to Telegram the scale of the attack was in tune of tens of Gbps. “A DDoS attack on Telegram in progress, tens of Gigabit\sec. Users in some countries may have connection issues. We’re working on it, folks!” tweeted Telegram.

Prior to the official confirmation, users started complaining of connectivity issues as well as not being able to send messages successfully. These complaints were picked up by Telegram administrators and upon investigation they zeroed it down to DDoS attack.

Telegram soon managed to recover from the attack, but DDoS perpetrators launched another massive attack and this time in tune of of 150Gbps.

“Detecting a 150+ Gbit/s DDoS now, an attack three times as large as yesterday’s.” tweeted Telegram.

Users are still complaining about connectivity issues and there has been no confirmation from Telegram on whether they have been able to resolve the issue or not.