Valve’s Steam Music Player will let gamers listen to music while playing games

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Valve’s own Steam Music Player has been finally launched for Steam client users enabling them to listen to their music collection while playing games on the digital platform.

This means Steam gamers will now be able to easily play MP3s available both on the local computer as well as Steam Soundtracks downloaded from the store, create playlists and queue up mixes.

“Best of all, it’s all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks,” Valve noted.

To celebrate the official launch of Steam Music, Valve is offering a lineup of game soundtracks free to anyone who already owns the base products. Soundtracks for Half-Life, Portal, their sequels, and Free to Play, a documentary about pro Dota 2 players are all included in the offer.

The soundtracks are available for free until October 1. In addition, the Valve games are also on sale for 75 percent off until October 1.

The launch comes just a few days after Steam released the Discovery Update, which brings new tools and features to help gamers find relevant titles.