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TalkTalk to take on BT with new affordable broadband offerings

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TalkTalk is all set to take on BT with it’s newly launched £4 broadband contract dedicated to all small and medium sized businesses [SMEs] across the UK.

The broadband service provider has announced two new broadband offerings that aim to significantly cut down the cost of plans as well as aid in improving its standing in the business telecoms market.

Dubbed as ‘Simple Broadband’, the first affordable broadband package offers completely unlimited broadband for £4-per-month, while the other ‘Complete Broadband’ package bundles calls to landlines and mobiles for £10.50 a month, along with a £15 superfast fibre-optic broadband optional upgrade available for both packages.

TalkTalk claims the ‘Simple Broadband’ package, as compared to an equivalent BT package, represents a saving of £594 a year, while the Complete Broadband package could save small firms £964 over 24 months.

“Too many businesses are paying over the odds for their broadband,” TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding said. “If every single business in the UK switched, they would save a collective £2.6bn.”

Rollout of the new broadband offerings coincides with TalkTalk’s Value of Business Broadband survey of 1,000 British businesses that found that half of the companies don’t think they’re getting value for money from a current broadband package.

The report found that one in five SMEs are looking to switch providers, while 50 percent of those surveyed want the government to intervene and reduce the cost of super-fast fibre optic broadband.

Charles Bligh, MD of TalkTalk Business said “If you’re a small business owner and honestly don’t feel that your provider has your best interests at heart; that they understand your needs and are committed to your growth, you are being under-served. Our message to SMEs is clear: there is always a choice, demand more from your broadband provider.”