Steam, other Valve services down

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The Steam platform and all the other services provided by Valve are currently down except the SteamDB database – an outage that isn’t preplanned and one that hasn’t been explained either.

Valve generally performs its maintenance related activities right near the middle of the week – Tuesdays to be precise, but this one is a rather strange one considering its near the weekend. Currently users are reporting on social media platforms that they are neither able to logon to the online store nor use the online community.

Users are being greeted with a message that reads: “An error occurred while processing your request.”

On analysing the instances of first such error reports, we can estimate that the services have been down since about 40 minutes now. Some have reported that they are able to login – but such reports are very scant and almost 99 per cent of all reports point to inaccessibility.

We will update the story as and when we hear some more. Stay tuned.