Samsung Galaxy Alpha lands in the UK

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Just in time to give some competition to Apple’s iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been made available in the UK with users able to buy the metal-framed smartphone off the shelf in charcoal black and dazzling white.

While the carriers are offering it for free if users subscribe to a specific plan, retailers seem to have stocked up certain colours available exclusively at their stores.

Carphone Warehouse offers the phone for free with a package of minimum £33 per month. While it is widely available in Black and White, Carphone Warehouse has stocked the Blue model exclusively and is available to order online.

A silver colored model is also said to be on the way and is expected to hit the market after October 3. Phones4u was having the gold Galaxy Alpha; however, with the company going titsup and into administration, those who may have preordered the handset will have to inquire about cancellations and refunds.

Unlocked Mobiles is selling the SIM free models for £499.87. Other retailers that are said to be offering the phone, but without any mention of a particular date are Clove and Expansys.

Looking at the carriers, O2 is offering the phone for free with a deal that will set you back by £33 per month including 500 minutes of talk-time, 500MB of 4G data, and unlimited texts. Vodafone has tailored a plan costing £34.50 per month for 600 minutes of talk-time, unlimited texts and 1GB of 4G.

A little above the Vodafone plan is EE’s £40.99 per month plan that comes with unlimited talk-time and texts and 2GB of 4G data with a free Galaxy Alpha.