Microsoft-Mojang deal could be announced as early as today, new report claims

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New report has claimed that the recently rumoured and much talked-about Microsoft-Mojang deal could turn into reality with official announcement from both companies hitting the press today.

According to Reuters, Mojang’s acquisition deal could cost Microsoft around $2.5 billion and that the deal between the two companies is expected to come through on September 15, Monday i.e. today.

Since its 2009 release, the popular Minecraft game, which lets players build structures using individual blocks, has sold over 50 million copies across all hardware platforms including Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Apple’s Mac and mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. However, the popular construction game is not currently available on Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

It is believed that Microsoft is eyeing the deal to expand its Windows Phone business by making the popular Minecraft game available for its Windows phone users.

Commenting on the yet to be finalized deal, Dave Bisceglia, Chief Executive of independent game studio Tap Lab told Reuters that it seems like Microsoft is looking at Mojang and Minecraft as a way to tap into this enormous cultural phenomenon.

He said Minecraft has been a top-grossing game on iOS for quite some time now. However it’s only if Microsoft can offer a unique and compelling experience to Windows Phone Minecraft players, which no other platforms offer, that existing Minecraft fans could be forced to opt for a Windows phone.

As per the report, the purported 2.5 billion deal, if met, will be one of the biggest video game acquisitions in history, even bigger than the Facebook-Oculus Rift $2 billion deal met sometime earlier this year.