iPhone 6 Plus preorders flow in rapidly; phablet now sold out with delivery pushed to 4 weeks

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It seems like Apple’s much awaited iPhone 6 has started bearing the fruits so soon as the larger version with a 5.5-inch screen dubbed iPhone 6 Plus was already sold out within Friday evening, while the pre-order was opened at 3 am ET.

At about 6.45 am, the site informed that the iPhone 6 Plus was sold out and would not be shipped for at least 4 weeks while the smaller variant with the 4.7-inch screen was still available for pre-order for delivery on September 19 as announced earlier. Some customers discovered that the 64GB and 128GB versions of the iPhone 6 Plus were not available for pre-order.

With a large number of customers trying to place their orders at the same time, the site also crashed several times. Several disappointed customers took it to Twitter posting tweets about the website being down even after one hour of the pre-order opening, while some customers were unable to place an order at all.

Analyst Brian White, Cantor Fitzgerald said that the devices launched on September 9 at the Flint Center form a powerful product cycle for the company which could extend beyond 6 months. He also said that it could boost sales in China following launch in the country.

Shortly after the devices went on sale online, Apple share prices saw a rise to 0.2 percent amounting to $101.66.