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Summers Coming -For me That Means Sweaty Palms Can I Cure Them?

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I love the summer, and lets face it… in the UK we don’t get that much of one these day’s! What I hate though, is that as soon as the temperature gets anywhere near warm, my hands get sweaty… and I mean REALLY sweaty!!!

Being somewhat of a geek (well, I am a techienews team writer, what more can I say!) it’s hard enough at the best of times for me to meet girls. Come to think of it, it’s hard for me to meet anyone that isn’t sat at the other side of an IM program!!!

So, when my palms get all sweaty it tends to make me retreat even more into my own secluded tech world. Whilst this means I get lots of work done, it doesn’t do much for my social calander!!!

I have been looking for ways to cure my sweaty palms, and came across a whole blgo dedicated to the subject.

I have bookmarked the site and, if you suffer from the same ailment as me, the check the site too! Let’s get those sweaty palms beat before the heat of summer gets here, then perhaps we will actually be able to talk to girls, without being scared they will want to shake hands or something!!!