Microsoft updates Skype for Windows Phone to add location sharing, image saving & more

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Microsoft has updated Skype for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 to add a host of new features and enhancements including location sharing, picture saving and more.

The first notable feature making it to the update list is the “location sharing” feature which will allow users to share their current physical location with people who are in conversation.

Users will be able to share their locations by taping on the + icon and selecting Share location from within the chat window. The app will show the exact location of the user using a Bing map.

As part of the update, Skype for Windows Phone users will now be able to save images that have been shared in a chat conversation onto their handsets by just tapping on the image to enlarge it and then selecting the ‘Save photo’ option under ‘More menu’ section.

Furthermore, Skype Update 2.22 will also enhance user control over notifications for individual conversations. Now users can choose to turn on/off notifications for individual conversations by selecting ‘Notifications’ under the ‘More menu’ section. This way, users will only be notified about incoming messages when they wish for.

The updated Skype for Windows Phone is currently available for download on the Windows Phone Store for free.