GTA Online title updates coming to PS 3, Xbox 360

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Rockstar has detailed its recent attempts to get a grip over teething issues in GTA Online and has revealed that a title update could be out by tomorrow that will address common issues faced by both PlayStation Network users and Xbox Live users.

Acknowledging that GTA hasn’t been a smooth ride so far since its launch, Rockstar claimed that all the technical issues will be ironed out as soon as possible as its team and partners are working round the clock to improve user experience by weeding out technical glitches.

In its latest update through its newswire Rockstar has revealed that is has resolved an issue with PlayStation Network server which was limiting the amount of concurrent users that can connect to GTA Online.

Rockstar, which as already apologized for the botched GTA Online, has also confirmed existence of a glitch in the “first tutorial mission across both platforms” which is preventing users to complete it. The company added that it is working to unblock “this for everyone as soon as possible.”

Earlier in the morning today there were issues that stopped users from progressing further even if they had cleared the initial tutorial mission. The company doesn’t know for sure what is causing this as it states, “We are identifying these issues now and are working to restore stability for users as soon as possible.”

Rockstar revealed that by the time everything is streamlined in GTA Online, it has “disabled the option of purchasable GTA$ cash packs.” Users can still keep on earning GTA$ through in-game jobs and other profitable game play activities.