GAME: White PS4 out of stock ahead of official launch

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Even before it was officially launched, GAME, the official and authorized distributor of the Glacier White PS4 console, has listed it as out of stock.

While it’s just a few hours before the official launch, the console preloaded Destiny seems to have already racked up a lot of fans.

GAME has not yet provided a date or time for when people will be able to order it again from its online store and it was expected that it would be made available for purchase when it officially launches.

The high street stores are also expected to sell the consoles. In the UK, GAME is the only retailer holding exclusive rights to sell While PS4 consoles.

The Glacier White PS4 is expected to debut as a standalone version later this year. However, GAME has not mentioned if it will sell the crystal white consoles separately in the near future.

Sony has managed to sell around 175,000 PS4s in August even though sales has dropped by 14 percent compared to July. The launch of the Glacier White PS4 consoles is expected to likely spike the sales figures.