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Linux 3.18-rc4 is ‘pretty calm and small’

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Linux 3.18-rc4, a ‘pretty clam and small’ one, has been released over the weekend keeping with the tradition of Sunday releases.

One of the primary reasons behind this week being calm according to Linus Torvalds in his own words: “For a short while there, this week was really nice and calm, but that was mostly because the “linux-foundation.org” entry fell off the DNS universe, and my mailbox got very quiet for a few hours.”

Torvalds isn’t complaining though considering that he likes things calm, but he hopes that things stay the same for the rest of Linux 3.18’s rc cycles. Another reason Torvalds believes that the week was quiet was because of absence of updates from Greg and Davem.

“I do note that neither Greg nor Davem ended up sending me anything for rc4, which is probably the _real_ reason why it’s pretty calm and small”, noted Torvalds in his mailing list announcement.

As far as the changes and updates in Linux 3.18-rc4 go, it packs the usual architecture and driver updates alongside big set of f2fs updates.