Apple outlines review guidelines for apps using HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight & Extensions

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Following the set of developer rules for HealthKit, Apple has now outlined the requirements for applications using the new HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight, and Extensions services in the updated App Store Review Guidelines, indicating that the iOS 8 might launch soon, possibly on September 9.

Cupertino, in the updated guidelines, has restricted apps using HealthKit from storing personal health data of users in iCloud, adding to the standard operating procedures outlined last week that barred app developers from sharing or selling personal user data to advertisers. The company has made it clear that Apple will reject apps if it doesn’t comply with the new guidelines.

In the case of HomeKit framework, the company has prohibited the use of data collected by apps that take advantage of the API, for any kind of advertising purpose. Apple added that the apps using HomeKit will have to provide home automation service primarily and make the purpose clear in all the marketing materials associated and also provide a privacy policy to avoid rejections.

Apple has also noted that the apps hosting extensions, which provide some functionality, must comply with the company’s App Extension Programming Guide. For Keyboard extensions, the apps must be functional even without network access and should come with a method for progressing to the next keyboard. These apps can only collect user activity information related to functionality of their keyboard extension to enhance it.

The company has added a set of rules for TestFlight, like the apps have to be submitted for review if the build has received any material changes to its content or even functionality and can use TestFlight only to beta test apps before public release. Apple noted that the apps using TestFlight must comply with the entire App Review Guidelines.

The company is expected to launch the much-awaited iOS 8 alongside the next generation iPhone 6 and the long-rumoured iWatch during the September 9 event.