TOS update bars Apple HealthKit developers from selling personal data to advertisers

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Ahead of the much awaited September 9 event, where Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone and release iOS 8, the Cupertino has tightened up the privacy policy related to its health and fitness apps.

As part of the updated privacy policy, the iPad maker has banned developers, creating apps on its “HealthKit” platform, from selling any personal health data they collect to advertisers.

Apple unveiled the new standard app dubbed ‘Health’ this year in June that will monitor user’s heart rate, blood pressure, diet and exercise habits.

HealthKit app developers will be allowed to collect health data of users, but as per the new privacy rules, they won’t be allowed to sell the same to ‘advertising platforms, data brokers or information resellers.’

However, they will be permitted to share health data with third parties for ‘medical research purposes’ only with the individuals consent.

The Cupertino notes that applications must not access the HealthKit APIs unless it is primarily designed to provide health and/or fitness services. Developers will not be allowed to use the HealthKit APIs, or any information obtained through the HealthKit APIs, for any purpose other than providing health and/or fitness services in connection with their application (eg not for serving advertising), Apple said.

Apple has already sent out invitations for a September 9 event that is believed to witness the launch of iPhone 6 and the long-rumoured iWatch. However, more details on the September 9 event is expected soon.