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Intel takes the wraps off penny-sized XMM 6255 – world’s smallest 3G modem

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Intel has unveiled a 3G modem – XMM 6255, designed in the size of a UK penny or US one-cent coin, claiming it to be the world’s smallest wireless modem for the Internet of things (IoT).

With the aim of embedding the 3G modem in the connected home appliances, security devices as well as the wearable tech, the XMM 6255 is just 300 sq mm in size.

The new standalone chip, built to withstand tough conditions like protection against overheating, leverages the Intel’s Power Transceiver technology as it features SMARTi UE2p transceiver. The company claims it to be the “industry’s first design” to bring transmit and receive functionality together on a single chip with power management and a fully integrated power amplifier.

The XMM 6255 3G modem incorporates the u-blox SARA-U2 Module, which includes the X-Gold 624 baseband processor, an isoplexer for antennas and a memory chip. Intel is now making the u-blox SARA-U2 Module available for its partners.

The SARA-U2 Module in the new modem comes with certain features including a PA DCDC converter and direct-to-battery power, in an effort to build “a smaller modem that helps manufacturers minimize their build of material costs.”

Intel in a statement said that the a sensor may not have the required space a traditional 3G antenna, when it comes to devices with a small form factor, like the smartwatch, resulting in poor connectivity quality and reliability.

The company said that the new XMM 6255 modem is designed specifically with those requirements in consideration and can deliver great 3G connectivity in the small device, just with small volume antennas, which do not meet the conventional mobile phone quality standards.