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Facebook allows post & status update edits, revamps graph search

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Facebook has blessed its social networking platform with back to back updates including the ability to edit posts, status updates while including post, post updates, photo captions, check-ins and lot more in results of graph search.

Post and status update options have been included today and this was a rather quite update as compared to other enhancements that Facebook normally pushes out. A new ‘edit’ option is now available for posts and status messages and users can now update / correct typos and grammatical errors on their updates.

Facebook has rolled out the feature across the board. User can edit their posts / updates by clicking on the bottom arrow at the top right corner of the post and just hit edit. Facebook only provided a delete option previously. An edited post will carry the ‘Edited’ label next to it.

In case of Graph search, previously users could only search for what was in people’s profiles, or in different pages on the website, but now they can even search for status updates, check-ins, comments and photo captions. For example users can search for posts posted on the social networking website from a certain place or at a certain time, for instance, “Posts written at the Statue of Liberty” or “Posts by my relatives from last week”, said Facebook.

Graph Search was launched by Facebook in January this year to help its users better navigate information available on the website. The search tool has been made available to users who use U.S. English version of the social networking site.

The company has said that the new features will be rolled out slowly to only “a small group of people who currently have graph search and we will continue to improve this experience by listening to feedback”.

Graph Search will certainly respect users’ privacy making sure that people only see content which has been shared with them or has been publicly posted, the company said.