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VMWare takes CloudVolumes into its fold

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VMWare on Wednesday announced that it has acquired CloudVolumes, a startup providing virtual apps to desktop users.

Kit Colbert, CTO of VMWare feels that providing virtual apps to desktops is both a cumbersome and difficult task in which there are many glitches, so in this respect, buying CloudVolumes will help VMWare provide better services to their desktop users.

CloudVolumes uses the “layering” technology to provide virtual apps to desktop users at a fast pace. By splitting a windows instance into separate pieces, the apps are added into these pieces thereby at a faster pace. By adding apps to both virtual and physical environments, apps are added quickly to running desktops such that application delivery becomes faster.

VMWare particularly aims at integrating CloudVolumes’ technology with its Horizon desktop virtualization software. The virtualization in this case occurs above the operating system, the applications remain safely segregated and operate with full efficiency to the best of their individual abilities. The applications are organized within application management containers and are abstracted from hindering the performance of the OS.

SVP and Chief Product Officer at CloudVolumes, Harry Labana, in the official VMWare blog calls it a “proud day at CloudVolumes” as they look forward to the success of their acquisition by VMWare and expect to grow their product’s popularity and utility at a global level.

CloudVolumes started in 2011 as a virtualization company providing apps. Eventually, they moved on to providing more sophisticated technologies and introduced the application management models. The key benefits to customers from their service are said to be agility, simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.

Financial terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed.