China grants Microsoft permission to sell 5 million Xbox One units

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China has granted permission for sale of 5 million units of Xbox One in the country, Microsoft’s Chinese partner BesTV revealed during an earnings statement on Tuesday.

Chinese version of Xbox One is to go on sale on September 23 and Microsoft expects to cash-in on the burgeoning gaming market in China. The console is priced at 3,699 yuan (US$600), $200 more than the U.S. version.

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The higher pricing in China invited a lot of complaints, but surprisingly it even managed to find quite a few takers. BesTV is confident that Xbox One will manage to do quite well over a period of time and has the potential of reaching 50 million units in sales milestone over the course of next five years.

Xbox One went on sale last November in western markets and expanded its sales turf over the course of next few months and as of April, Microsoft had managed to sell 5 million units.

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China has been one of the most censored markets as far as gaming is concerned with authorities banning violent games – example – but a go ahead to sell 5 million units of Xbox One indicates that the country is willing to let multinationals compete in a market that is currently dominated by local players.