Twitter tests Facebook-like feed; users frustrated

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According to reports Twitter is tinkering around with users’ feed by showing them tweets favourited by those they follow and tweets of their friend’s followers and the recent experiment is not going down too well with users.

Users are also reporting that they have started seeing updates on their Twitter Feed when their friends follow someone new.

Twitter has chosen a select group for this experiment and their tweets showed that they were not happy with what Twitter just decided to do. The major competitive edge this micro-blogging platform has over Facebook is the options that let users decide what and whose tweets they want to see in this Twitter Feed. However, with the recent experiment, users have started seeing tweets which they were not interested in seeing.

“Hey @twitter, favorite != retweet, okay? Stop filling my timeline with crap, AND wasting storage on my phone through extra timeline!” tweeted one user.

“And again. Twitter, when people I follow RT things, I see it in my timeline. *Stop* adding notifications and turning them on by default.” said another.

You can find more such reactions here.

It is customary of Twitter to test changes on a small group of users before rolling them out for all users in general. There have been such features introduced recently such as the removal of Bing translation, testing new kinds of ads to attract commercial interest, embedding tweets on the web, etc.

Last year, Twitter said that it is constantly looking for ways to improve the service and make Twitter a place where users can “follow what you care about, connect with people and discover something new”. Following that Twitter conducted a slew of experiments and made some prominent changes to suggest relevant content.

Although it looks like Twitter has a lot up its sleeve, most of the features that it tests do not see the daylight and hence Twitter might withdraw its plans of implementing it for all users.