Xbox One SmartGlass app gets TV streaming feature

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console is likely trying to gain an even stronger foothold by extending beyond living room entertainment and offering users the ability to stream live TV channels on their tablets and smartphones running Windows, Android and iOS.

The new feature will be rolled out in an update enabling Xbox One preview members to stream live TV content to their mobile devices while the gaming session on the TV still continues without interruption. To use this feature, the user must download Microsoft’s SmartGlass app on their home network.

Not all users will get to use this feature initially as only those users in the countries where the company’s TV tuner product is already available, will get the update. While Microsoft has announced that US based users will get the update eventually, they already enjoy the feature from Time Warner Cable for free and Comcast for a subscription from their set top boxes.

When the feature is installed, the dashboard of the Xbox One console will boot directly to the TV and a live mini channel guide will be seen at the bottom of the screen where the channels can be changed. It will also include a media player to let users watch videos from USB drives.

There is also a Snap Center to let viewers run apps on the same screen without having to navigate away from gaming. Apps such as achievements, messages, friends, parties, etc can be viewed on the gaming screen in addition to a Friends section where the social activity related to Xbox One can be accessed. The newly added section lets users see their friends’ scores for the last 30 days and also update themselves on the popular games.