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InfiniteMac OSx86 Community Forum – Install OSx on x86 PC’s

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Install Mac OS X on your x86 architecture PC, notebook or netbook.

Since the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2005, Apple is using the Intel x86 architecture for its computers, which allows Apple fans to install Mac OS X (Apple’s Operating System) on some regular x86 architecture PCs which usually run Windows or Linux!

Are you interested in installing Mac OS X on your PC? During the past years, the OSx86 project has grown to a significant size. The abilities to find like-minded people, help and guides in order to solve issues and to succeed are overwhelming.

There are many options open to those wishing to run a combination of Windows and OSx on the same machine, from Mac’s running a version of windows with the help of bootcamp, to PCs with osX installed, the options are endless. So much so, in fact, that it can be confusing for anyone wanting to get started with projects like this. Help is at hand however, with a vibrant online community called infinitemac.com.

InfiniteMac is a friendly OSx86 community forum and the best source for OSx86 support.

If you’d like to join the community, please don’t hesitate to visit www.infinitemac.com