Samsung focussing its “Tizen” OS for low-end smartphone markets

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Samsung is readying its operating system-Tizen for battle in emerging markets, putting it on low-end smartphones, new reports have claimed.

Earlier reports suggested that Tizen, Samsung’s home-grown OS was to battle Android and iOS. But now, Samsung has limited its use on wearables, like the Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear. The company is still keen to get Tizen onto smartphones, but the devices must be more comparable to wearables.

Samsung on the other hand is going ahead with wearable tech. The Tizen powered Gear Solo smartwatch is expected to debut during the upcoming IFA 2014. Developers believe Wearable would give them returns over the next few years in a growing market, but the market is not expected to grow as that of the smartphone.

Earlier, it was thought that Tizen would be able to compete with Android on all fronts, but it seems that Samsung isn’t too keen on that – at least on the premium smartphone market. In the emerging market Tizen would meet Android head-on, where the two platforms and fight for supremacy.

Samsung is concentrating its efforts on budget low to medium end smartphone’s such as the Tizen based Samsung SM-Z130H and SM-130E.

Samsung hope that this new strategy will help fend off challenges from Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, who are one of China’s largest electronics companies that sells mobile phones.

[Source: Tizen Experts]